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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> wreckless disregard for human life, so we definitely want to find out who was doing the shooting and bring them to justice. >> shots fired with deadly results on a bay area freeway that is our top story. good afternoon, i am tori campbell, police are hoping some of the thousands of people at the game can help them solve a double homicide. two men were fatally shot while
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driving on i-880, police believe the victims were leaving the game. claudine wong spoke with investigators who say the distinctive car the victims were in could hold the key. >> today investigators with both the chp and oakland police retraced the steps of the two men who lost their lives on interstate 880 last night. >> investigators believe the victims had attended the warriors basketball game. >> police say the victims were in a white importantsh in the porsche and were slowing down. >> they drove up beside them and shot in. >> they drove on and the passenger ended up on the driveway and was hit by a box
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truck and that driver did not stop. >> the witnesses describe it as a box truck that struck the right front passenger of the porsche. >> police believe they are from contra costa county and are a targeted shooting, still they hope someone will help them come forward and figure it out. >> that is a sedan while par porsche, that is a distinctive car, someone may have seen it traveling near the exit. >> police are interviewing witnesses and still searching for more and still looking for the driver of the box truck that hit the passenger of the porsche, they say he may not have realized what had happened. >> antioch police are trying to identify a man found dead this morning. his body was near an apartment
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complex on hudson court not far from sommersville road and buchanan, they have not released his race or age and are trying to determine how he died. a deputy shot and wounded a suspect last night near castro valley around 11:30 on the transition ramp there. the sheriff's office says differenties pulled this car over when they noticed it had license plates stolen from a handa after honda, after a chase the driver was caught but the passenger took off. >> they started struggling with them and a third deputy fired striking the driver, who was taken to the medical center. >> the shooting left the suspect in critical condition. the investigation led to the closure of all northbound lanes on interstate 880 for several hours. registered nurses walked off the job this morning at
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five east bay hospitals that are part of sutter health systems. the seven day strike is at three facilities in berkeley and oakland, etan hospital in castro valley and sutter delta medical center in antioch. this is the 9th time the california nurses association has struck east bay hospitals in the past year and a half. the dispute centers around wages, benefits, and patient care issues. >> almost every single thing that we have ever gained is under threat right now, there is over 100 take aways on the table. >> the hospitals have hired replacement nurses to fill in until the strike is over. cyclists in the tour will be speeding through san jose starting this hour, a 19 while time trial starts on bailey avenue in san jose and finishes
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on metcalf road. janine de la vega is there. looks like quite a crowd. >> reporter: yeah, excitement is building here along bailey avenue where stage 6 of the amgen tour is about to begin. they are waiting to start off there, riders won't be racing against each. they will race against the clock because today is the the tour of california is america's version of the tour de france, the largest and most prestigious cycle race in the states, kicking off from escondido and racing from southern to northern rather than the other way around. it is the only city that has been part of it. in other years they have lined up there but this year it is in south, across those areas and
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up metcalf road, which is a challenging climb. >> just them, no teammates to help out, no following in the draft of others. basically a pure test. >> he calls it a make or break day because they don't have the advantage of riding with the pelaton and catching their draft. hundreds are expected to cheer them on and some drove in from southern california to watch this portion of the race. >> to do what they do is remarkable and i think that you know for them to be in this good of a shape and to be able to tolerate a lot of the you know endurance and stuff like that it is remarkable. >> a charity ride took off earlier this morning and amateur cyclists were able to ride the same 19 mile course the pros are doing today. now today's timed trial in san jose will most likely -- will most likely end at 4:00 this afternoon. tomorrow's stage 7 will begin in livermore and the pelaton will travel to mount diablo.
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the final race day, stage 8 will begin at the marina green in san francisco and end in santa rosa. again, lots of fans waiting to see the first cyclist take off. we are told that it should probably -- the 19 mile course should probably take between 45 to 50 minutes for each rider and each cyclist taking off in 1 minute intervals and more coverage later on at 5:00 and 6:00. live from san jose, janine de la de la vega, ktvu news. >> thank you, it looks like fun. it starts the same day as the bay to breakers race. and there will be tighter security after last month's bombings at the boston marathon. they added security cameras to various spots along the route and installed see through trash cans that can be easily searched. large backpacks are banned from the event. police are encouraging anyone
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who sees anything suspicious on the route to alert authorities immediately. the government's former top tax checker faced tough questions this morning on capitol hill. ousted irs commissioner steven miller testified before the houseways and means committee. he admitted the irs's behavior were wrong but insisted they were not motivated by politics. >> you can assure us there was absolutely no sharing of this information -- >> -- and others will look at that but i would be shocked congressman if that happened, shocked. >> it was called after they acknowledged they targeted the tea party and other groups who asked for tax-exempt status. statewide unemployment rates released today show the jobless rate here has taken a significant drop. according to the state employment development department the unemployment rate fell to 9% in april. that is down from 9.4% the
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month before. it is also the lowest it has been since november 2008. the e d d says california added more than 273,000 jobs since the same period one year agonchts after days of responding to the irs scandal the president this morning turned the spotlight to the economy during a visit to baltimore. the president toured a company that makes dredging equipment. mr.obama noted that corporate profits have in his words skyrocketed and it is time to make sure middle class wages also increase. it is the third largest lottery in history. we will tell you how much the power ball is up to and where people are going to buy their tickets. >> it looks like today will be the coolest day of the week, rosemary will be here in about eight mirnts minutes to tell you how warm it will get in your neighborhood. >> he is cooperating. you guys stop. >> questions and controversy after arrests and a scuffle
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an overpass just cleaned up, this is what our crew saw, this is what it looked like on tuesday, as you can see it had a fresh coat of paint, crews had just removed graffiti. tomorrow's jackpot is going to be a record breaker, it has grown to 600 million, tara moriarty is in hayward where a lot of would be millionaires are snapping up tickets despite the long odds, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, yeah, tory you don't have to buy your tick, i got it covered, i got one, my photographer has got his so you don't need to bother we will share when we win, all right, behind me we have folks buying their tickets. they are very excited here and they are here at the world's fair's doughnuts grabbing glazed and spending hundreds on their remote chance to become
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millionaires. >> well, we never won here before so the law of average says it got to catch us sooner or later, right? it has got to catch up to us sooner or later. >> he is in a pool with 10 of his workers and this shop has produced winners in the past. dreamers in all but the seven states where it has not been played have been snatching up the tickets since no one won wednesday's night drawing, experts expect it to keep drawing and storeowners expect to see a surge in sales tomorrow. >> yesterday in an hour or so it went up by 75 million so it is like going way too high and people are really excited about it. they are spending as much as they can spare, they want to be in the game. >> what am i going to do? i am going to buy an island. what about you? >> i am going to buy a doughnut shop. >> yeah, i like that. >> now, this is the convenience store in castro valley where the owner says one person spent
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500 dollars in tickets yesterday, they expect totals to continue to climb in shorter amounts of time thanks to a game redesign that went into effect last january increasing the odds of winning a prize but also lowering the possible number combinations to win power ball and also been cross selling of power bull and megamillions so that has also obviously increased the pot so to speak. folks excited and although they say it is not rational to buy a ticket if you don't buy one of course you don't have a chance to win that 600 million dollars. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you >> you are so generous to share, pressure appreciate you getting a ticket for us. they put out a fire in redwood city. it caught in the back of a pick up fire. it was in the back of a business there. firefighters say it is too early to know a cause. >> we have no evidence as to a intentional start and we have
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no reason to believe that it could have started for other reasons, so it is being investigated right now. >> no one was inside the truck when it caught fire and the business was not damaged. two lanes of northbound 280 in san jose were shut down this morning after chp found a gun in a flipped over car on the freeway. around 3:45 this morning people called chp saying they saw a nissan altima flip near the race street exit and a man run away. when police responded they found the car and a gun but not the driver. cell phone video of a scuffle between students and police at a san francisco state university dorm building is raising questions this afternoon. it shows a group of people being forcefully arrested for trespassing but some say campus police went too far. ktvu's brian flores has the video and what the university is saying about it. >> reporter: it is the video that had students at sf state
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talking and wondering what happened. >> get back. back up. get back, get up against the wall. >> according to the university they say the people in the video were trespassers and not students on campus and entered mary ward hall last night without permission. >> stop, stop. >> but for those that know those arrested they say they were not doing anything wrong, just visiting friends inside the dorm and they believe they were targeted. >> i think they were targeted for how they look and also because of the connections to the occupy movement and a squad house that got busted recently. >> the video was shot by a woman only identified to us as natasha. >> he is not resisting. he is not. >> that was her that pulled the fire alarm in the video because she wanted others in the dorm
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to know of what she believed was excessive force. >> so i began to go outside and filming the police and they were dragging my friend while he was trying to explain to them he was just visiting. >> officials paint a different picture, they tell ktvu there was a call from a complaining of a person in the p causing a disturbance. officials confirm that person was arrestd for public drunkenness. a police officer was also hurt. we don't know his condition and it is not over yet either, some students man to rally to put an end to what they say is police brutality. in terms of the charges they face it includes trespassing, resisting arrest and battery against a post officer. from san francisco state, i am brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> people who try to camp out in cars in palo alto may be forced to go somewhere ordance
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debatedded, it comes after seeing the increase in the number of people sleeping in their cars at the center, about 20 to 30 people sleep in their cars on any given night. the city had reached out to local faith groups to open their parking lots but that has been unsuccessful. oakland's new interim police chief visited an elementary school this morning as part of his effort to get out and get to know the community. >> baseball. >> chief shawn went greeted children as they arrived at parker elementary school and sat down with teachers, parents and students to answer questions. several people expressed concern about crime, especially violence and graffiti caused by gangs, one girl asked if he had faith that oakland can change. >> absolutely, this city has great potential and i -- i -- i have been out all this week meeting good people in the community and i get a real
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sense that people want change. they really want -- they want to be safe, right -- >> the chief also revealed that he was once a victim of violence. he said as a teenager his house had once been riddled by bullets. >> a mostly sunny slightly cooler day, shaping up around the bay area. for some it is going to be a little breezy. i am seeing the winds already blowing in some cases. a live look over the east bay, plenty over sunshine going on. temperatures down just a bit in most cases. i will explain why here in just a moment. 69 now santa rosa, 64 navato, see that sunshine, 62 oakland, low clouds and fog over half moon bay, mostly cloudy here, mostly sunny san francisco and 57 degrees. the winds onshore and will remain that way. a cool pacific air entering into the bay area, 21 miles per hour sfo, 14 oakland, fairfield 13, 12 in livermore, so we are
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sort of in a transition. we have this system here that brought us even a few sprinkles yesterday. now beginning to push out. ridge of high pressure will build in for the weekend. we know what happens when we get in between the pressure gradient kicks up those winds so today sunny, dealer because there is cool air behind that trough as it continues to push to the east and then as we make that transition the winds will be actually strengthening for today, they will begin to relax tomorrow as a ridge of high pressure takes over we will see a warming trend and start off the day with patchy fog, clearing and see warmer days for saturday, the warmest day is sunday, that means a nice  day for bay to breakers this weekend. we will start out with patchy fog, low 50s in the forecast. partly sunny by 10:00. by noontime fair skies, mid- 60s, meanwhile as we know amgen will continue today, tomorrow, sunday, good-looking weather for them and those that want to
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sit on e the sidelines. 72 santa rosa, 70 san rafael, low 60s san francisco, mid-60s there, 68 san jose, 72 morgan hill and 60 santa cruz with mostly sun 60 skies already. the extended forecast a warming trend for your week understand. we will peak on monday with temperatures upper 80s perhaps to near 90s for your inland communities, coastline 60s to near 70 for your weekend and see those temperatures back down into the 60s monday and tuesday. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> it is official, the sacramento kings have been sold and staying right here in northern california. >> repeat after me, we did it. [ cheers ] >> sacramento mayor kevin johnson there making the announcement within the last couple of hours, he says a deal
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to sell the kings to a group led by minority owner vivek ranadive has been signed, the price tag 535 million dollars, the nba is expected to approve the sale next week. the clock has finally struck midnight for the warriors, their dream season ended last night with a 94-82 loss to the spurs. the spurs won the series 4-2 but the warriors never gave up. stef curry says they fought to the finish for their fans, last night's game was the 38th straight sell out. tomorrow night's game is a must win for the sharks, they lost last night fornd to night to the kings and are down 2-0 to them. ahead wall street and why the victory is sweeter for this year's american idol. ♪
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encourage inch encouraging news about the economy and that pushing stocks higher, the dow up 108, the dow up 30, the s&p up 15. after one of most talent filled seasons there is a new american idol winner, the winner was announced last night of season 12. >> candace glover. >> she looked shocked, candace
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glover had tried out for previous seasons before edging him out. it also includes the leaving of randy jackson after appearing on all 12 seasons and if you want a shot auditions began last night. wednesday is harvey milk day which recognizes his accomplishments but not everyone is behind it, what is behind the campaign urging parents to keep their kids home that day. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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>> this is the "real winning edge." it's a young woman who ran past the prediction that she'd never walk again, a football player who discovers opportunity through overwhelming challenges, a drum major raised in foster care who achieves her dreams. it's celebrities who let you know what it takes to win in life--hazel clark-riley, greg jennings, and ericka dunlap. this is how to overcome. >> ♪ as long as it's all right i know there's a way ♪ >> i'm apolo anton ohno. see how you can overcome when life gets tough. >> hi. i'm lisa lexington. find out how to have the real
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